Design of laboratories and animal facilities

The planning and building of multidisciplinary laboratory spaces or a laboratory animal facility is a complex undertaking.  Using a wealth of experience largely within the UK Kappa Mu can help clients ensure that project teams fully understand the strategic and scientific requirements and drivers of major projects.

Review of management structures, policies and processes

Advice in creating or enhancing the structure, processes and outputs of teams or small organisations in achieving strategic science/business objectives is a key part of Kappa Mu’s expertise.  We have worked with clients in academia, pharmaceutical, charity and contract research organisations to review, redesign and implement management, operational and technical processes to support and deliver the most important outcomes and channel team motivations and efforts into achieving strategic and tactical goals.

Project Management

Kappa Mu can help guide, manage, and support your initiatives.  With flexible solutions, and utilising your own or acquired talent, we can help with:

  • Managing strategic, mission-critical initiatives
  • Recovering troubled projects
  • Interim leadership
  • Filling skill set gaps
  • Providing ideas for supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity

Change Management

Kappa Mu can help clients understand what to expect, how to manage their own personal change, and how to engage employees in the process of change management.